Visitor At Work

We had a coyote running around the yard at work yesterday chasing rabbits. By the time I had grabbed my camera, it was out on the road chasing mice in the grass. I gave a whistle and it looked over to me at just the right time. I grabbed this great shot.


It’s nice to have such great subjects running around every now and then.

Things I See Everyday – October 20 2014.

Things I See Everyday - October 20 2014.


October 20 2014.

The view from a telehandler.

Part of my duties at work are yard based and physical. It’s the best part of my day when I can get into this machine and load and unload a truck or two.

It’s a chance to turn off all the insanity of the office side of my job. I have to focus and be present when I’m in this beast of a machine.


Things I See Everyday – October 3 2014.

Things I See Everyday - October 3 2014. Nick.


This is Nick. I see him everyday. He’s a pain in the ass to be honest. Always messing with stuff on my desk. Moving things, twisting them, shifting them around. Piss of Nick! LOL.

Kidding aside, Nick’s a good guy. We have some very deep conversations and some very ridiculous ones as well. Truth be told, I enjoy his visits. It breaks up my day and usually ends with both of us laughing our asses off.