Visitor At Work

We had a coyote running around the yard at work yesterday chasing rabbits. By the time I had grabbed my camera, it was out on the road chasing mice in the grass. I gave a whistle and it looked over to me at just the right time. I grabbed this great shot.


It’s nice to have such great subjects running around every now and then.


Are You Lichen This Smartphone Photo?

Lichen on LogThis is the power of today’s smartphone cameras. I couldn’t get this with my DSLR unless I had a macro lens. I don’t. So, out came the smartphone. Always, always carry your smartphone for just such opportunities. Oh, and they make phone calls too!

I’m currently working on the smartphone section of my new tips and tricks project. Coming soon.





I spotted some great looking mushrooms in the bush during one of my walks this past long weekend. I had to take some photos.

Thinking about it after the fact, I should have used my tripod to get a deeper depth of field. Oh well, next time.

I envision little forest fairy creatures living in and among the little mushroom village I discovered.