New Photo Project – WTF

I’ve been thinking for quite some time that I needed to begin a new photo project. I need something to get me back into the swing of taking photos regularly. I just don’t do that enough.

Enter my new project WTF. Daily I see things that make me ask WTF. At work, on the road, at home, well everywhere really. Things just make me as WTF. I’ll be using a combination of my DSLR and my smartphone for this project. You never know where these things will happen and I just can’t have my DSLR in hand all the time. But, my smartphone is always with me to cover it.


So, to start us off here are a couple photos of a 4 Way Gas Monitor we use in the oil field. These thing are practically indestructible. So when this one was in the box of returned units, it made me ask WTF. What had to have happened to this unit to cause this damage? Was there a report that I’m unaware of? Is it being swept under the rug? Who knows but it makes for some great WTF photography.

WTF Damaged Gas Monitor// Damaged Gas Monitor//

This is a great beginning to what I hope is going to be a fun project.

Stay tuned for more WTF photos.