Living A Photographic Lifestyle

Photographer is something you do, not something you are.

It’s always struck me funny, if you buy a piano then you own a piano but if you buy a camera, suddenly you are a photographer.

Being a photographer is so much more than merely owning a camera. It’s a lifestyle. A photographer lives and breaths photography. Every shadow you see is interesting and captures your eye. Every scene that interests you gets analyzed from every angle and with different lighting conditions imagined.

Living An Intentional Life

This post is one of the off photography topics I’ve been milling over but I will try to tie it in to photography in a meaningful way.

Living An Intentional Life.

I’ve come to understand that most people wander through life being pulled this way and that by the various sources of input. You know, friends, family, co-workers, THE MEDIA. Everyone telling you what you need, what you don’t need, what you should or should not do. Just going with the flow.

Then you get to a point in your life, hopefully sooner than I, and you realize that all this stuff you have accumulated is absolutely useless to you. But you keep it JUST IN CASE. What if you need that item tomorrow, next week, next month or next year? Honestly, if you have not used it in the last year, what are the odds you’ll need it ever again?


Snow Fence

Sharpness Tests

I took to the park tonight to take some sharpness test photos. I’m trying to figure out which of my lenses works best at which distances. So I set up some duct tape marks on the ground at 5, 10, 15 and 25 feet from my subject. I took test shots with each lens at each distance trying to keep the each one in it’s aperture sweet spot. Usually between f5.6 and f8.0 depending on the lens.

I used my Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6, Canon 17-85mm f/4.0-5.6, Canon 50mm f/1.8 and my Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3. All good lenses in their own right even though they are not “L” series lenses. They are all still better than anything produced 20 years ago.

Canon 18-55mm Kit Lens Test. 5 feet away.

All You Need Do Is Ask.

My son and I were heading down to Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market here in Edmonton to take some more portraits and test the location for future portrait use. I got the idea to ask on Facebook if anyone wanted to meet us there. As fate would have it, an old friend was going to be in the area and was willing to be a subject.

We are having amazing weather here in early November. Normally it’s snowing and cold by now but it’s been record breaking warm temps and no snow. So what better thing to do than catch that late afternoon sun for some portraits.

I captured some great photos of Ryan. As you can see here. It’s not hard when your subject is willing and very good natured.



11052016-_mg_5129-50d 11052016-_mg_5133-50d

Ryan, it was really good to see you buddy. We will have to get together for a drink soon.

I also got some really great shots of my son. He’s really getting into this whole be Dad’s model thing.

Jacob chillin' on the tracks for a bit.

Jacob chillin’ on the tracks for a bit.

Relaxed Made Him Smile Brick Wall Confidence. Black and Red.

What a great location and what great shots we made!

Decisions Have Been Made.

I’ve made a few of decisions over the last few days. I thought they would be hard decisions but they turned out to be quite easy when I got down to it. It was surprising.

Decision #1. The need for the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers bundle.

I’ve been using Lightroom for cataloging and editing my photos for quite some time but I’ve come to realize that sometimes I really need to use Photoshop. So I’ve been thinking about signing up for Adobe’s photographer bundle of Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. It’s really not all that expensive when you look at it. Only $10 US (ish) per month. So, I’m going to be signing up for that very soon. Getting all the updates and the support network is one of the deciding factors for me on this one.

Decision #2. I need to make the style of photographs I like.

Too long now I’ve tried to please others with my photography. I’m always worried about what others think of my photos. I never really take them the way I like them. I prefer a gritty grungy portrait. Not some smooth porcelain skinned high fashion model. People don’t look like that. Ever.

This is what I prefer…(click on these images for a new tab with a larger image)

Deep In Thought



Fall Shoot #13

Fall Shoot #11

Fall Shoot #17

As you can see, they are not warm and fuzzy with super smooth skin. With the boy, it’s quite the opposite. I went for a really gritty feel. He’s a 7th grader that wants to be seen as more grown up than his 4th grader sister. For her, I didn’t go quite as gritty but it’s still there.

Will this be my style for ever? Possibly not. But for now, this is how I like to make portraits. Oh, speaking of portraits, that’s what I like to shoot. People. I love making photos of people that their friends and family will enjoy. But if you want me to make you look like a high fashion model, well maybe we shouldn’t work together. Sorry. I don’t want to waste your time and money.

Decision #3. It’s time to start a business.

For a long time I’ve longed to start a photography business. What has stopped me? Fear and common sense. Well mostly fear. As I stated in decision #2 above I was always trying to please others with my photos and as a result I was never happy with them and doubted my skills. But desire to do good work and get paid for it has eroded my fear. I have realized that all the excuses I used to make, just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Things like, I don’t have time, I’m not good enough, my gear isn’t good enough, people won’t like my photos, etc, etc. These are all based in fear. So what if all these are true. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I don’t get any clients. Big deal. I don’t have any now! What a bunch of lies we tell ourselves.

So, I have begun the process of starting a home based photography business. Here in Alberta, Canada we need a simple municipal permit and we are good to go. I don’t plan on having a home studio so I’m not worried about any building permits.

There is a lot to think about with the idea of running a business. But, I need to begin before I ever get to ask questions like how much to charge.

Once the business is open I will start a Facebook page, Website and begin a new blog attached with the website. Once I start that blog, this one will most likely be left behind so I can focus on the new blog and my clients needs.



Inspired By My Son

This is not a photographic post. Well not completely anyway. There are some pretty great photos if I do say so myself.

My son is studying Taekwondo. He’s been going for 2 1/2 years now and is close to his black belt. This past weekend he tested for his Red Belt. There is only 1 between that and black. He has spent 6 months at the Red Stripe level and was struggling with the board break. The self defense, pattern and sparring was all there within a month or two but that break just kicked his ass.

He didn’t give up though. He just kept plugging along practicing and practicing and going to class. A few weeks ago he mastered the break and was ready for promotion.

This was no ordinary promotion for him. It was the first time he was not 100% sure of himself. But, he went anyway. I’ve noticed something very inspiring about him. He knows how to be mindful and focus on the task at hand when the pressure is on. I struggle to do what he does naturally.

Focused. Calm. Ready.

Here he is calm and focused before the testing began.


Even here as he just finished up practicing his pattern, he is focused and calm.

Moving In For The Kill.

Once it all began, he moved through the motions with focus and calmness. Bringing the power and skills he has within him.

Getting Ready To Spar.

Painfull Block.

The Bruce Lee Pose.

Too High.

That's How It's Done

In the end, his testing went better than any up to this point. He broke the board, mastered his pattern and gave his sparring partner a real run for his money.

So, what’s the point here? Well, how many times do we as photographers doubt our skills and maybe pass on some great opportunities that would push us through to the next level? All too often I think. Even as I took the photos at this promotion test, I questioned my skills. The light was not the best, the ISO had to be so high. Why was I questioning my skills? These photos are for me and my son, not a paying client. Even then, my skills were more than enough. I’m very happy with the photos and, more importantly, very proud of my son.

Thank you little man for inspiring me to be my best, have faith in my skills and improve when and where I can.