Childhood Moments

I love to capture the moments in childhood that are not about the child but about the moment. We’ve all experienced them as kids and we’ve watched other kids experience that same moment.

Here I’d like to share some of those moments with you.

163.365 Jewel Encrusted Portrait.

159.365 King Of The Hill (Boulder)
06052010 IMG_2821 50D

IMG_5941 50D 02072010

Wipe Out!

IMG_2436 50D 10242009


IMG_2425 50D 10242009

A brother’s comfort.

That Is Not A Smile!

That is not a smile.

270/365 2009. Family Video.

Watching the video they just made.

IMG_0817 50D 09062009

Won the race!

244/365 2009. Awe.....

Sibling love.

IMG_0054 50D 08202009

Ah, that’s feels better.

228/365 2009. No Running In The House!!

No running in the house!

IMG_9319 50D 08052009

Being goofy.

207/365 2009. Beat The Heat.

Refreshing on such a hot day.

IMG_8744 50D 07182009

Canon ball!!!

IMG_8729 50D 07182009

After the canon ball.

IMG_8410 50D 07122009


IMG_8309 50D 07042009

Out of control.

182/365 2009. Canada Day Laundry.

I can do my own laundry.

IMG_7495 50D 06102009

First stray cat.

IMG_7135 50D 06022009

Learning to ride.

95/365 2009 Adoration

A sisters adoration.

IMG_5205 50D 03272009

Spring splashin’.

73/365 2009 Faster Daddy!!!

Woo Hoo!

52/365 2009 IMG_4296 50D 02212009

Almost there.

IMG_3259 50D 01182009

First snow fort.


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