And Now, The Girl.

And Now, The Girl.

We had such good luck at the fence, I decided to make a portrait of the girl there as well.

I think I love this fence.



Cool Fall Day Portrait

Cool Fall Day Portrait

We popped outside for a bit and I just couldn’t resist the color of the fence in the shade. I had my nifty fifty on and had to bump the ISO up to 1600 on my 50D so I could get the exposure I wanted.

I’m excited about the sharpness of his eyes and the way the color of his sweater, eyes and fence go together.

I’m quite happy with this photo.


Hi Key Lighting

I’ve always been a fan of Hi Key images. That’s to say images with a lot of bright white. Portraits on a seamless white background with the background completely white. It’s something I’ve never been able to do with a portrait before. I only have the one flash so it makes it a bit difficult to get that white background pure bright white.

This weekend I borrowed a flash from my dad. He has an old Minolta Maxim 7000 film system that he never uses so I picked up the flash and added it to my lighting. This flash is pretty much unusable for anything else when it’s off the camera it was made for. It’s a dedicated flash with no easy way to adjust the power output. The head doesn’t tilt or swivel either so aiming this flash took some creative positioning.

That is all OK for my needs at this time though. I just needed a flash to blast my white background and turn it pure white. This flash was more than enough for those needs. I tore my 8 year old son away from his computer game on my laptop and asked him to model for me so I could test out this flash on the background. I used my umbrella and flash for the main light and away we went. Basically this works the same as my black background that I use but I was not worried about spilling any light onto the background this time. I normally will try to control that on the black background.

What I ended up with was this fantastic Hi Key portrait. I am really please with the results.

I don’t think the borrowed flash will suffice for long. I have plans of picking up another more modern flash that will allow me some easier control over direction and intensity of the light but I also don’t think my dad will be getting this flash back any time soon.

Sunday Walk In The Park.

A girl and her dog.

We went for a walk and stopped by for a quick portrait. Not looking at me but at least they both are looking the same way and have their eyes open.

The dog even has her tongue in her mouth for a change.

I love the colors in the background. I think I need to do some more fall portraits before the dreaded white stuff hits us!


Started From Scratch

As I’ve noted in a previous post I was very unhappy with the portraits of my kids I did out at the lake this summer. Of course I waited too long to do them and the day felt rushed and so on and so on.

What I did was take the photos in lightroom, reset them completely and worked them a bit from the beginning. I’m happier with the results now and I think I’ll let it go and just be glad that I have something from the rock at the lake this year. Sometimes you just need to accept your own failings and move on.

5 Years On The Rock.

7 Years On The Rock

 All in all, I think they look good enough to print. There’s a project for the weekend.

Don’t Write Off That Kit Lens

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit of a lens snob the last few years. I don’t own any of Canon’s L series lenses but I picked up a Tamron 18-270mm a couple of years ago and I love the lens. When I bought my 50D it came with the 17-85mm witch in my opinion is just not a very good lens. It was never a very sharp lens. But the Tamron 18-270mm performed well for me across the board when I tested it out.

Yesterday I was going through my little collection of lenses that I’ve gathered over the last 4 or 5 years and noticed the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens that came with my Rebel XTI. Now back then I was happy with the lens but all the reading and podcast listening had turned me into a bit of a lens snob and I discounted it as a bad lens when I got my 50D.

Just for kicks I put the lens on my 50D and I must say, I’m very happy with the results. I was going to use it just for long exposures of moving objects like water and grass blowing in the wind because of the ND4 and ND8 neutral density filters I have for it but after taking some test shots I’m going to be using it a lot more. I was very surprised at how sharp the images were with my 50D.

Here is a portrait of my daughter that I took just to test out the lens. Granted how can you take a bad shot of such a cute model but this cheap little lens really came through for me.

The Girl.

I’m not going to write off this lens anymore and I do believe my Tamron is going to suffer for it!