Jack The Rabbit

Jack The Rabbit

Watching You Watching Me Watching You

I see you watching me watching you watching me. I watch you walk around the yard here where I live. When you spot me you call me Jack or Bunny or Funny Bunny. You’re not sure if I’m a male or a female but you still call me Jack. You also call all my siblings Jack. You are so silly, you silly human.

Winter has arrived

Did you see the coyote tracks in the snow behind you? He’s been sniffing around looking for an easy meal. I’m not such an easy meal for him. Soon I’ll be all white and you won’t even see me sitting here. Neither will that coyote.

I sit here watching you work all day you seem so busy all the time. Every once in a while you see me and you stop. You have that big goofy smile on your face and you call me Jack. You say “Hi Jack, how are you today?” and then you carry on with your busy day.

Silly Human.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

I’ve always loved the change of seasons. Especially fall. The bright greens of the grass and leaves give way to the browns, yellows, and reds of fall. The leaves drop to the ground creating a colorful patchwork carpet just begging to be walked on and scattered with your feet.

When the rain wets the grass, the fall colors really pop. I’m always kneeling on the ground taking photos of the leaves as people walk past me wondering what’s so exciting. They just don’t see what I see I guess. Their loss.

Fall Sunrise

Fall Sunrise

I see this view so often from my office window in the fall. I must have 20 or 30 of this scene on my hard drive. But, this day really struck me as special. The sun was just below the horizon. The sky was clear for the moment. 15 minutes after I took this photo, the clouds moved in and blocked all that color. I’m glad I got it when I did.

Back to photographing and blogging

I’ve been away from this blog and honestly all my hobbies for so long now. My life, much like the leaves in the photos has been falling apart and starting to decay. Not that I’m trying to bring you down or anything. Just making excuses to myself as to why I’ve let my hobbies fall away.

I’ve found my way back to my camera and my blog. Photography has been my one steady companion for so long and I’ve been ignoring it. I’m sorry photography. 🙂 I promise to keep my eye open for photo ops from now on and to blog my heart out. Even if no one ever reads this post or any of my posts. I just need to get the creative juices flowing again.


Don’t Stop Taking Portraits In The Winter – Winter Portraits

Portraits in the winter?

Living in Canada, there is that season that so many people hate. Winter. All the snow and the cold temperatures can really turn people off. A lot of the people I know would very much like to move somewhere warmer for the winter or at the least, hide away in the warmth of their homes.

Like it or not, if you live in Canada, you are going to see your share of snow for several months of the year.

Rolling with it.

I’ve always liked winter. As a kid we used to go snowmobiling and tobogganing all the time. The cold was never a big deterrent. Then as an adult I became less inclined to head out into the snow and cold just for the heck of it. Until I had kids that is then it’s all about the tobogganing again and recently snowboarding. But I’m getting off topic. What’s this nonsense about portraits in the winter? Who would want to do that and why?

Well, as it turns out I have decided that I love taking winter portraits! There are fewer distractions. No leaves to clash with clothing. No colors on the ground to be distracting. Just pure white backgrounds!

First winter shoot down.

Have a look these photos from a recent winter portrait shoot I did for a young lady in need of some portraits. They are so clean and crisp. They just look great. (click on the images for larger views)





I’m looking forward to taking more winter portraits. I love the look of them.

If your interested and you are in the Edmonton area drop me an email and maybe we can work together to create some winter portraits.



My Photographic Style – A Realization.

I’ve recently decided to change the style of portraits I’m making. I’ve spent years trying to figure out what my style was. In the end it was there all along staring me in they eyes the whole time.

I’m a big fan of grungy, gritty photos. Photos that have an almost Indie feel to them if that makes any sense. I don’t like the clean smooth overly processed images that seem to be all the rage nowadays. So following that I give you the image below that was from the first shoot after coming to this realization.

It was just after this realization that I decided it was past time to get serious about photography as a business. Within hours of that, the decision was made to get the ball rolling.

A comment was made to me that my new found style might work well for teenaged boys but how about girls and adults?

I think it works well for everything!

In the end it’s got to resonate with me or it’s just not going to work. I think this new style is going to work out well.


Living A Photographic Lifestyle

Photographer is something you do, not something you are.

It’s always struck me funny, if you buy a piano then you own a piano but if you buy a camera, suddenly you are a photographer.

Being a photographer is so much more than merely owning a camera. It’s a lifestyle. A photographer lives and breaths photography. Every shadow you see is interesting and captures your eye. Every scene that interests you gets analyzed from every angle and with different lighting conditions imagined.