What To Do With Mid Afternoon Light?

What do you do with mid afternoon light that is just very uninteresting and a bit boring? Why, make an HDR out of it of course!

I took this photo during lunch today. Just to get out and make some photographs.

Drainage DitchIt’s a bit boring but I still liked it. It makes sense to me what it is but it’s really not all that interesting. So, I exported 3 versions of the image at and exposure of -2, 0 and +2 and created an HDR from that.

Drainage Ditch - HDRMuch better! Interesting color and detail. There we go. Mid day lighting issue solved.


Morris Fighting The Snow.

Morris.My co worker Morris trying to find his work truck under all that snow. Yes, it’s really that white out again.

Now this is a bit more creative. I’ve been giving some thought to what I’d like to photograph but still not sure if I want to pick one style over another. I like people photos but I still like the nature and wildlife stuff.