Sand Dunes

We took the time to visit the sand dunes in the south east corner of California again while we were down there. I love all that sand. Everywhere you look you see sand. It’s like the worlds largest beach.

Almost There!

View From The Top



Date Palms.

If you’ve never seen how dates are grown and harvested this could be a shock! They grow and are harvested at the tops of these date palms. It’s a labor intensive process but the resulting fruit is like nothing else on this planet! So delicious. The palms are as high as a telephone pole. Huge.

Date Palms

03272013 _MG_1975 50D

New Piece Of Gear – SD to CF Card Adapter

I’m sure you’ve seen these before. This is an SD to CF card adapter. Basically you put an SD card in from the right there and then put this whole thing into your CF card slot in your camera.
CF cards are getting harder to find and getting more expensive. The 16GB CF cards the I like are $65.00 from my local photography shop where as the 32GB equivalent speed in an SD card is $32.00 at my local Best Buy! I did some testing with the 32GB card from my video camera and found that it’s just as fast as the CF card I normally use. When it comes to these cards, I’m more than happy to buy the cheaper smaller sized ones and use them in my camera. Now I don’t have to carry around that card reader either. I can plug the SD card right into the card reader in my laptop.
Isn’t technology an amazing thing these days.

At The Mexico Border

Mexico Border

We took a drive down to San Luis, Arizona to touch the Mexico border fence with our bare hands. Unlike the crossing, your really not supposed to hang out at this fence. LOL.

Pushing Our Luck!

You can see the border patrol truck on the other side of the fence as they drove by to check us out. They gave us no hassle but they were watching.


Cacti and Rock

I definitely need to go back to the deserts of Arizona and capture some more images like these. On our next trip down there I’m planning a whole day in the Kofa National Wildlife Reserve. I could easily have spent an entire day here.

Our next trip down won’t be for several years now I think so the kids will be older and will be able to handle a day with Dad in the desert….or not. LOL.


I had to drive out to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge while we were so close. I was hoping to see some wildlife and get some great landscape photos. We saw one small snake and were warned off by a rattle snake but other than that all I got were some great landscape photos. I forgot my tripod back at the park, still kicking myself over that one, but still managed some pretty nice photos.

This is the point at which I decided to return to the rental van. I had lost the trail and didn’t want to get too far from the van and have to cut right across country to get back to it.

Up The Mountain.

As we were making our way back to the van, I spotted a line of cacti growing up and along this ridge line. I really liked how they formed an arc in the image. There are more further up the mountain but they would not fit into the composition.


This small cactus was just loaded with spines! I can’t even imagine falling onto that one. Oh, just after this image, we were warned by a rattle snake. Startled us but it was a few yards to our south and only rattled at us twice then left us alone. I couldn’t see it and decided not to search for it even though I really wanted that photo!

Standing Guard

This was the largest cactus in the area. It was just standing out by itself keeping watch on the area like a silent guard.

Desert Classic.

You can’t visit the desert mountains without looking for this classic desert scene! I had timed our trip so we would be leaving around sunset and I knew the setting sun would shine some fantastic light on the area. All I needed to do was pick my spot and wait for the light. I saw this scene on our way into the area and made note of it for the drive out.