My Failing Camera Gear

I’ve been shooting with the same set up for years. I’ve had my Canon 50D for 10 years now and the Tamron 18-270mm for the last 7. I have other lenses but that Tamron has been my go to all purpose lens since I got it. It’s served me well. But things are starting to wear out and are in need of replacement.

My 50D is having issues. The shutter button is starting to not work every time I press it. It will either lag, or not fire at all. I’ve lost count how many shot’s I’ve missed as a result. The last 2 years have been disappointing. I’ve still made some great shots but the shutter button is becoming a real liability.

My Tamron 18-270mm is really showing it’s age. The rubber grip on the zoom ring has detached from the lens. On hot days I have a hard time zooming in or out. The lens barrel has started to shift when it’s zoomed past the 50mm or so point. It’s floppy for lack of a better word and as a result the focus is off more often than not. The focus motor is starting to slow and sometimes it hunts for focus when it cannot keep up with the changing focal points. Basically I’ve worn it out from years of constant use. Don’t get me wrong, I love this lens. I’ve gotten so many great photos from it. But I have worn it out.

It’s time for a new camera. I’ll have to begin saving for it now. They are not cheap. I’m going to change systems completely. I’m looking at going with a mirrorless system. I’m after the smaller size and lower weight. A DSLR gets heavy after a while of packing it around. Right now it looks like the Sony Alpha 6300 is the route I’m going to go. Small, lightweight and a great piece of gear, although I may go with the 6500 depending on the price at the time. They both get great reviews.

All this said, I’m still getting some great shots with my 50D and Tamron 18-270mm failing as they are. The photo below is from my daughter’s 2018 dance final recital just yesterday and I’m pleased with the result.

But, I had to go with a black and white conversion as all the images from the day looked like crap in color. Now I understand that this was a low light situation and the 50D is not known for it’s low light capabilities but still, I’ve gotten much better results in the past with the same camera/lens set up in the exact same concert hall with the exact same settings. I have a standard I use in this situation that has always worked out well for me.

I just have to face it…..time for some new gear. I’ve gotten some great use and lots of joy out of this gear. Time to retire it.

Soon but not yet. Probably next spring.


Canon 24-105mm f/4 – My Thoughts.

I rented the Canon 24-105mm this past weekend for 3 days. I was wanting to compare it with my Tamron 18-270mm on my 50D. I took about 1000 photos with it and gave it a good run under many different shooting conditions. I was mostly interested in the sharpness of the lens. But I checked other aspects of it as well.

The first thing I noticed is the build quality. This is a nice solid lens. It just feels good in your hands. When I put it on the camera I could feel the weather seal at the base of the lens seal the gap tight. That’s a plus. Once I started shooting with it I was very impressed at the speed of the focusing. Really quick. The colors are more saturated as well which is probably a result of superior lens coatings. The sharpness was great too. Everything that I wanted in focus was nicely in focus and sharp. The constant f/4 throughout the zoom range was nice to have as well.

But, how does it compare to my Tamron 18-270 that is half the price? Keep in mind here I was looking for a significant difference in the overall sharpness of the two lenses. I could find no significant difference. Especially with the extra $800.00 it would cost me for the 24-105mm and I would be loosing 165mm of zoom!

Here are the test shots I took. The Canon 24-105 on the left and the Tamron 18-270 on the right.

Canon 24-105 vs Tamron 18-270

Both shots are with the exact same settings and using my tripod. All I did was change the lens. Sure, there are a few differences. Mostly color temperature and saturation but nothing that I cannot fix in post if I have to. I’ll keep my Tamron until such time that I get that 5D.

Here are some of my favorites using the lens.

234.365 On The Train.

Red Tailed Hawk

The Boy.

After Dinner Drink.

I do really like that lens though and it will make my decision much easier when it comes to a new camera and lenses.


231.365 Canon 24-105mm f/4

231.365 Canon 24-105mm f/4


Friday August 19 2011.

Before you get too excited, No, I did not buy this lens. I rented it for a few days. I wanted to try it out and compare it to my Tamron 18-270mm. Last year I tested the 24-70mm f/2.8 and was not overly impressed with it.

So far after taking about 20 or so shots with this sweet lens, I am very impressed. It’s fast focusing and quiet. It’s sharp as well. I will be taking a ton of photos with it this weekend so expect to see lots.


3.365 Dying Hard Drive

3.365 Dying Hard Drive


Monday January 3 2011.

Here it lies. My dying hard drive. I’m getting cyclic redundancy errors all over the place. And you guessed it, this is where my photos are. Of course I back up my files but I had not backed up the files from December yet. So, I may be out of luck with most of my December files. Argh. I am not impressed but such is life. No sense crying about that which I cannot do anything about.  I think I’ll be moving to a weekly back up schedule in the future.