Updated Family Photo

My Brother and I and our wives threw a 50th anniversary party for our parents this pas weekend. It took a fair amount of planning and a whole lot of secrecy and pulling the wool over our parents eyes for months. Everything went really well and they were very surprised that we could manage to cooperate for the time it took to put this all together. It was a lot of fun in the end.

Here is an updated family photo of all of us. We have never had one will all our kids in at the same time. It just never seemed to work out. Finally I have that photo. I’ll have to be sure to print one for my parents and my Brother and Sister-in-law as well for the wall.

 It is official, I am the tallest in my family now. Dad was the tallest at 6’4″ but he’s shrunk with age leaving me the tallest at 6’3″. I’m taller than any one on either side of my family now. It’s good to be the king. LOL!