I’m Blocked…..

I’ve been fighting with a case of photographers block for months now. It just feels like I’ll never get past it. Nothing seems to excite me photographically these days.

Now, I realize this is normal. I’ve not fallen out of love with my camera. I still have that passion for photography that I’ve had for years but I’m just not feeling it these days. What can I do to get past this? Do I need to take a trip? No. I don’t think that will do it. Do I need a new camera? Definitely not! A new lens? No. I doubt that will make a difference either. What to do, what to do?

The fact that I’m aware of it just being a creative block is the main part. I realize I still love photography. I’m not going to sell all my gear and take up another hobby that’s for sure. I just need to ride it out but not become inactive within my hobby. Maybe I’ll start looking at more photography or find a photographer whose work inspires me. Maybe I just need a change of scenery. Being stuck at the same place all day and then having the dark cold winter nights everyday is not helping that’s for sure.

I think for now, I’ll start by looking at more photographs on Flickr and 500px. They always get me motivated. Maybe get involved in a few group discussions about the photos or specific techniques. Whenever I start talking about photography, I get all excited and my passion bubbles to the surface.

That’s it. A good place to start.

I did manage to dig out my lighting kit and do a one light portrait of my son. He likes to play on the PS3 on the weekend and I thought I’d capture the moment for him to look back on later in his life. He may get a kick out of it.

I set the umbrella up on camera left and collapsed the umbrella down over the flash to narrow the light a bit so I wasn’t lighting up the whole room. I set up a silver reflector on camera right low and bouncing light upwards to fill in the shadows on his left side. None of the angles I was trying was doing it justice so I went high on a chair for a change. I like the resulting point of view. 


Is It Good Enough?

I always seem to worry about what people think about my photos. Are they good enough, will they like it? I’ve come to the conclusion that it just doesn’t matter and I just don’t care. Photography is an art and I know I’ve said this before but it’s just so subjective. There are so many opinions on what is art that you just cannot please everyone.

So, please yourself. If you are happy with it then it’s good enough. Stop trying to measure up to anyone. Sure, try to make the best photo you can using the techniques you have learned but realize there is a point where it’s good enough.

Take this photo of my daughter for example.

I love this photo. It makes me smile and melts my heart. I like how I’ve placed here off to the side. I like how I’ve used a wide open aperture to blur out the background. I don’t even care that the eye closest to the camera is slightly out of focus. The other one is tack sharp. I’m not going to bore you with what lens I used or what my settings were, it just doesn’t matter. What matters is the feeling, the emotion in this photo. Such a warm genuine smile and love that touches her eyes. I’m not even worried about how many people like this. I like it. 
To me this shows great growth in me as an artist. You will never please everyone. Sometimes you won’t please anyone. I aim to first and foremost make sure I like the photo. I have so many photos that I thought everyone would just love and you know what, they didn’t. Not even close. Some even went so far as to tell me the photo was not taken properly. Funny how we all have our own ideas.
So, you just go out take photos and practice, practice, practice.