Jack The Rabbit

Jack The Rabbit

Watching You Watching Me Watching You

I see you watching me watching you watching me. I watch you walk around the yard here where I live. When you spot me you call me Jack or Bunny or Funny Bunny. You’re not sure if I’m a male or a female but you still call me Jack. You also call all my siblings Jack. You are so silly, you silly human.

Winter has arrived

Did you see the coyote tracks in the snow behind you? He’s been sniffing around looking for an easy meal. I’m not such an easy meal for him. Soon I’ll be all white and you won’t even see me sitting here. Neither will that coyote.

I sit here watching you work all day you seem so busy all the time. Every once in a while you see me and you stop. You have that big goofy smile on your face and you call me Jack. You say “Hi Jack, how are you today?” and then you carry on with your busy day.

Silly Human.

My Friends The Canada Geese Are Back!

I love these birds. They are just so majestic in my eyes. The way the prance around so sure of themselves and not really caring what you do, until you get too close that is. They just swoop in and take over any wetland area in town that they want. The wander the parks and the outlying fields in search of a meal. Then they set up home, raise a few goslings and leave you wondering what happened in the fall.

They are so much fun to watch. I love to watch them raise their young and I look forward to their return every year.

What Gives?

Looking For A Snack

That's Close Enough Mister Camera Man