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Welcome to Beyond The Snapshot. Your #1 source for getting better photos.

It's That Time Of Year Again...

All my life I’ve taken pictures. I’ve had a camera as long as I can remember. Small 110 film point and shoots, SLRs, DSLRs, digital point and shoots and smart phones.

All cameras have their good, bad and ugly sides and all can be worked with to create some really great photographs. Not just snap shots but thought out and planned out photographs

My name is Chris Lemmen. I’m a husband, a father and an avid amatuer photographer. I spend my spare time with my camera in hand looking for interesting scenes to capture.

I’ve been interested in photography my whole life, seriously since early 2008. Since then, I’ve learned much and improved my art beyond my expectations.



Lichen Encrusted

What’s this series all about?

It’s my goal to help you improve your photography beyond the snapshot regardless of what gear you use. I use everything from Smartphones to DSLRs so I have a wide range of experience trying to get the best possible photograph from each.

I will pick a topic each issue and give tips, tricks and examples for improving your photographs within that particular topic. Most tips and tricks are going to be cross platform but a bit of repetition won’t hurt!

Join with me on an adventure into better photography. You will never look at a photo the same way. You will never look at light the same way. You will never see the same way again.

If at anytime you have questions, comments or suggestions for upcoming lessons, please let me me know in the comments or email them to me.

Chris – Chris Lemmen dot com


1 – Smart Phones.


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