Visitor At Work

We had a coyote running around the yard at work yesterday chasing rabbits. By the time I had grabbed my camera, it was out on the road chasing mice in the grass. I gave a whistle and it looked over to me at just the right time. I grabbed this great shot.


It’s nice to have such great subjects running around every now and then.


My Student Continues To Learn!

My daughter is continuing her adventures in photography. It is very exciting for both her and I! I thought I’d post some samples of her work. Keep in mind that I helped her with the editing. Suggesting things and keeping them to her preferences. She is quickly developing the photographer’s eye.


Trail Bear. Red Grass Grass Seeds

A smiling goat at the Edmonton Corn Maze.

A smiling goat at the Edmonton Corn Maze.

Happy Goat Eating Hay

I can’t wait to see where she is in a year or five or ten! Keep it up Padawan.

A Sparked Interest.

My Daughter came to me a week or so ago and told me she wanted to learn to “do photography” as she put it. I practically jumped off my chair when she told me that. I’ve been looking for something she and I could do together to bond us closer. This is it.

I was given a Pentax K-x DSLR about a year ago and could not get it to work properly but this was the push I needed to figure out the problem. The problem is the scroll wheel on the back of the camera. It just didn’t work at all. It took days of searching to find a solution that didn’t involve me sending it in for repair. I just needed to take the camera apart and clean the contacts for the wheel. No problem. No, really, it only took me 5 minutes to fix it!

So, now my daughter has this…..

My Padawan

She is very excited to be sharing the DSLR journey with her dad!

We began her lessons this past Saturday evening. I started with explaining exposure then moving on to Aperture. Aperture priority is where I tend to stay. I love the control over the depth of field.

I let her use my favorite coffee cup as a subject out on the deck.

Lesson 1 - Aperture

She is beginning to understand the whole depth of field idea but we will take it very slowly. She’s a quick learner but she is 9 after all.

Later in the evening we came across this scene out our back yard and called it a night.

Last Rays Of Light

I’m really looking forward to teaching her more and watching her grow as a photographer. Who knows, maybe it will take her places.

More to come!


Where Your Attention Lies.

Where your attention lies is what you will be most focused on.

Where your attention lies.

I love photography. I feel happiest when I’m making photos, editing photos, sharing photos, viewing photos…anything to do with photography really. I just love it. But, I tend to lose my desire when I spread my focus (pun intended) across too many things.

I listen to a lot of podcasts on a variety of different topics. Health and fitness is another one I get really deep into and when I do, I tend to be a healthier more fit person. But then something will catch my attention and I will shift over to that and suddenly, I’ve gained 15 lbs because I’m not paying attention to my eating habits!

Over the last few years, I’ve been jumping from topic to topic never really focusing on any one or two of them. As a result, the last few years have been ones of mediocrity. Nothing has really been satisfying at all. My photography has most certainly suffered, my blogging has become very sporadic, my health has suffered as well. I got caught up in a few ideas a couple years ago, I won’t mention them, that I was very excited about at first but soon realized that it just was not something I was really interested in. Photography on the other hand just never seems to fall away. I just love it.

So, I have come to realize that where my attention lies, is what I’m going to be focused on. So I need to pick a couple of things that really get me going and focus on them. Really dig in deep with them and make them part of who I am once again. No more of this all over the place who am I kind of thing. Photography and health and fitness are the ones I’ve decided mean the most to me. Two very broad subjects to commit myself to.

How about you? Do you have just a handful of passions that you really love and devote some serious time to or do you tend to jump from one to the next to the next like I have been doing these last few years? I find it helpful to fill my free time up with learning and studying the passions that I have and want to focus on. It might just be me but I just cannot dive into one after another and never really give all I can to any one of them. For that reason I have picked the two. They are of course fairly broad and give me lots of breadth and depth within each one to explore but the main ideas are only two. Perhaps this approach may work for you as well. Who knows? Maybe it won’t even work for me!




Plans For The Blog.

In the past, I’ve run my blog centered around photography. It is after all my passion. I love photography. But, I’ve also run a midlife crisis blog, until I realized that a midlife crisis is all about selfishness, and some little eCommerce sites that did me no good.

With this new start to this old blog, I’m going to change things up a bit. While still being primarily a photography blog, I’m going to mix in some life lessons as well. Just to keep things interesting.

I’m into photography of course but I’m also into videography, minimalism, tiny homes, Buddhism, archery, parenting and a whole slew of other topics that I may from time to time touch on. Hopefully I can bring some good ideas and thoughts into the light.