My DSLR vs My Samsung Galaxy S8

My DSLR vs My Samsung Galaxy S8

Recently I upgraded my smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy S8 from the S5. I had the S5 for a couple years and although I was impressed with the camera, it never really did all that good. It was fine in the right light but in low light it was just terrible. The S8 camera on the other hand is fantastic in low light situations. But, is it as good as my 9 year old DSLR which is not the best at low light either. Let’s find out.

Ok, in the above photos the one on the left is from my smartphone, the one on the right is from my Canon 50D. I’ve done minor editing to bring up the shadows on the DSLR raw image and a bit of punch in the clairity but no major edits. As we can see the Samsung S8 is warmer and more saturated. It’s a bit brighter too. I would have to do some extra edits to the 50D image to get the same results.

In these two of my more or less willing daughter, the S8 on the left again and the 50D on the right, they both look pretty similar. I’m very happy with the S8 photo here and it would definitely do in a pinch. The light is low and the phone still captured a really nice image. But, if you click on the images and view them larger you will see a striking difference. There is way more detail in the 50D image. My daughter has these awesome freckles that I love in all the photos I take of her. The S8 just doesn’t show them as well or at all for some of them. The color looks very similar although the S8 is a bit warmer and a bit too saturated on this one.

In these two, again S8 on the left and 50D on the right, I’m seeing much the same thing as the ones previous. The 50D is just retaining more detail and better color. And it should the sensor is so much larger.


Ok, this wasn’t a very scientific test. The S8 does shoot raw and I could have gone that way. I could also have shot JPG with my 50D but that’s just not how I use these two cameras. I wanted a comparison done by the way I actually use them. If I pick up my smartphone to take a quick portrait of my kids or capture a scene in front of me, I don’t normally go into Pro mode and do a raw file. At the same time, my 50D is always shooting raw.

So what do I think? The Samsung Galaxy S8 has an amazing camera in it and I don’t hesitate to use it. The photos are sharp and well exposed. I always have the option to do some editing on them and correct for the color temperature and the over saturation. I don’t often even worry about that. That said though it will never replace my 50D if I’m going for some really good images and am willing to do the editing work to the raw file to bring out the best of the image. That will be the route I go when I have the option. But the best camera is the one you have with you.


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