Moving Back To

I’ve decided to move my blog and such back to the old blog (where you are reading this) I was using up until I purchased a hosting plan last year. So many reasons and so little time to explain.


That’s the biggest contributing factor to the move back. It’s no secret that our economy is in the toilet right now. It has been for the last couple of years. One of the first things to go is the luxury expenses. Things like getting family photos taken. So as a result, I’m not getting the business to afford the hosting for the full blown web site. It’s expensive.


The feature set I had with the paid hosting was not really any better for my needs than the free hosting. It’s not like I was running a web store or anything along those lines. I’m just keeping a basic blog going when the inspiration hits me. Which to be quite honest is less and less these days.


Ya, it’s still about the money.


In my mind, I thought having a full hosting plan would some how make the people start lining up and my phone and email would be constantly full with clients. Talk about arrogance. That is so far from the truth that it actually shames me to admit to it.


Are you sensing the theme here yet? Well it is kind of sad.

All this said I am keeping my domain ( it’s not costing me that much money and I really like having the domain. I can point it where ever I want. So the plan is to keep blogging as the inspiration hits me. I might venture away from photography every now and then but the main theme of my blog is still going to be photography.


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