He Just Needed A Rest – PhotoFiction

He just needed to rest. When he started out on this adventure he didn’t realize it was going to be so hard. Who knew running away would be so hard. I mean really, he thought, how hard could it be? You just take your board and whatever cash you could scrounge up and you just….leave.


He was wrong of course. He hadn’t thought about where he was going to sleep or eat or how he was going to get more money. He spent the first night hiding in a friends room. He was kind enough to bring him up a snack that night. The second night, well that was spent sleeping under the deck of a house he passed earlier that day.

For the last two nights now, he’s been sleeping in a garden shed in the huge back yard of a McMansion he spotted from under the deck on that second night. The people who live here never come outside, at least not in the back yard, and their dog is really friendly.

Today maybe he can find a shelter that will let him stay. Maybe he can find work and a place to stay before the winter cold sets in. Even now it’s getting colder. He’s scared now. He has no idea what he is supposed to do. No one ever explained to him what was expected of a runaway. On TV they always end up living on the streets or in jail. He didn’t want that. He’s really scared now. The world feels as though it’s closing in on him. So scared

Suddenly, the thought occurs to him. “I could go home.” He’s right of course. His parents love him and probably miss him. They would take him back. It would be alright.

As he is about to get up from his warm place by the rock, he hears his name. Softly as if spoken by the wind. Quiet….there it is again, a little louder. He closes his eyes in concentration.

When he opens his eyes again, he is in bed. His dad is standing there telling him it’s time to get up. It was all a dream! He never ran away, would never run away. Relief. Gratitude.


So that was my first attempt at photofiction. I have never claimed to be a writer. It might be corny but it’s what I think of when I look at this photo. The worst part is that it’s MY son in the photo. I wish it didn’t make me feel that way but talk about an emotional reaction to a photo!


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