A Sparked Interest.

My Daughter came to me a week or so ago and told me she wanted to learn to “do photography” as she put it. I practically jumped off my chair when she told me that. I’ve been looking for something she and I could do together to bond us closer. This is it.

I was given a Pentax K-x DSLR about a year ago and could not get it to work properly but this was the push I needed to figure out the problem. The problem is the scroll wheel on the back of the camera. It just didn’t work at all. It took days of searching to find a solution that didn’t involve me sending it in for repair. I just needed to take the camera apart and clean the contacts for the wheel. No problem. No, really, it only took me 5 minutes to fix it!

So, now my daughter has this…..

My Padawan

She is very excited to be sharing the DSLR journey with her dad!

We began her lessons this past Saturday evening. I started with explaining exposure then moving on to Aperture. Aperture priority is where I tend to stay. I love the control over the depth of field.

I let her use my favorite coffee cup as a subject out on the deck.

Lesson 1 - Aperture

She is beginning to understand the whole depth of field idea but we will take it very slowly. She’s a quick learner but she is 9 after all.

Later in the evening we came across this scene out our back yard and called it a night.

Last Rays Of Light

I’m really looking forward to teaching her more and watching her grow as a photographer. Who knows, maybe it will take her places.

More to come!


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