Aurora Borealis – My Fall Fascination

This fall I discovered that I’m truly fascinated by the Aurora Borealis. We had some pretty good displays out at the lake this year and my son and I spent some good quality time on the beach well after dark watching them move around the sky and taking some long exposure photographs of them.

I’m not used to taking long exposures or night photos so it was a learning experience for me. It took me quite some time to figure out the camera settings that would give me the best results. Lots of trial and error. What I learned was a long exposure of say 30 to 60 seconds and a wider aperture seemed to give me the results I was looking for. Although a small aperture gave some really good effects on some lights along a dock.

09112015 _MG_1837 50D// _MG_1838 50D//

09112015 _MG_1842 50D// _MG_1843 50D//

09112015 _MG_1844 50D//

I’m hoping to get out this winter and see what kind of results I can get with the reflective snow. If I get the chance and the weather cooperates.



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