Spring Has Sprung And I Feel The Need For Photography!

Spring has sprung here in Edmonton and I feel the need to start taking thousands of photos once again. Ok, maybe not thousands but it would not surprise me in the least. I always feel the need when the flowers start to grow, the grass gets greener, the leaves pop on the trees and the song birds come back.

Spring Song

Even just a quick walk around work this morning gave me such a thrill that I have my camera on my desk just begging for me to blow off work for the day and head out with my camera! Winter in Edmonton is so drab that I find my desire to even take my camera out of the bag isn’t even there. I take very few photos in the winter months. But come spring, I’m back at it.



The returning birds are one of my favorite subjects to photograph in the summer. Most of them are only here for the summer then the leave in the fall again for the winter.

Best of all are the pretty yellow flowers we call dandelions. 🙂

Pretty Yellow Flower

A Field Of Yellow

Gone to seed already!


Ah, I love spring.




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