Canada Goose – City Bird With An Attitude

The Canada Goose – Bird With An Attitude.

It’s no secret that one of my favorite birds is the Canada Goose. They are just so majestic and beautiful. They also have an attitude. An air of superiority about them. Let’s face it, they just plain think they are better than every thing and every one else. I have the photos to prove it.

I was coming around the fence at work past my truck and I could hear the hissing of a goose. I looked all over. I could not find it. Then as I got closer and the bird got louder, I spotted it. Standing on the roof of my truck not 15 feet away from me and giving me all the attitude it could muster up. I decided that with this attitude, it was going to be the day’s photo subject.

In this first photo, the goose was clearly not wanting to get off the roof of my truck but as I got closer it changed it’s mind. He jumped onto the cap on the box.


Canada Goose On my Truck


I made my way around the back of the truck and slowly moved in closer to get some better photos of it. It was a bit jumpy but didn’t take off right away.

Canada Goose On My Truck #2

Canada Goose On My Truck #3

Canada Goose On My Truck #4


Now it’s decided that I’m close enough and has had about enough of me and my camera. At this point I’m within a long jump from being able to touch it. 10 feet or so.

Canada Goose On My Truck #5


And now, it’s had enough of me creeping ever closer. After taking off it only went about 15 feet away from me. He wasn’t really scare of me I guess.

Canada Goose On My Truck #6 - The Departure

I love the detail in the feathers on these birds. On my way home last night I spotted some goslings with the parents in a field I’ll have to start visiting the local ponds and take some more photos of them.




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