Industrial Photography

I love industrial photography. I work in the oil industry of Alberta, Canada. I have a fabrication shop at my disposal when I feel like taking some steel and spark shots.

I think if I could find enough companies needing this type of photography on a regular basis, I could make a go at a business based on this type of photography and head shots of the management.

Nothing is as slick as a plasma table for cutting custom parts from plate steel. I’m always amazed when I watch this thing in action.

After tacking the pipe together, the welder puts in the root pass. This takes quite a bit of time and is really interesting to watch.

You can see the light from the welding spark shining though the bottom half of the joint where the root pass has not been put in yet.

The pipe is connected to a spinner that rolls it around for the welder so he can concentrate on making a good pass and not on the position he is in.

After the root pass is in the pipe is moved over to the sub arc welder where the fill passes are done quickly and easily.

There is no smoke, or spark with this procedure. Just a whole lot of heat. No special training is needed to operate this welding machine. All you need is a quick rundown on how the unit works and what to do. Away you go. Saved yourself 4 or 5 years of schooling
This photo is of the cutting and beveling procedure. I added it because I really like how it looks. The pipe is cut to length and beveled to make for proper welding all at one machine.
These photos were really fun to take today. I’ll have to try to take more of these in the future.


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