More Thoughts On My Canon 17-85mm Kit Lens

I’ve had the summer now to play more with my Canon 17-85mm lens and have discovered it’s limitations. Good to know so I can work within them.

The photo of my daughter on the right here was taken with my 17-85mm and is what sparked my interest back into using this lens more.

It’s sharp and the color and contrast out of the camera were really nice.

I used it quite a bit for most of the summer and have found it’s limitations.

Distance. That’s pretty much it. The farther away your subject is, the worse the lens performs.

 In this photo of my son at the park, he’s just not that sharp. He is about 30 feet from me here. I had focused and recomposed and I’m sure of the focus.

It just seems that as the subject gets farther away, the lens loses some quality. It was not enough for me not to use this image, I still like the image, it just doesn’t have the sharpness that the above one of my daughter has.

The shutter speed was plenty fast enough on this one as well so no help there.

Then we have this one that is sharp again. I’m only a few feet, maybe 5 away from the subject here and everything with him looks nice and sharp.

So this helped to further my assumption about the subject distance.

I think I may just have to save for some L series lenses after all. But at least I’m not just lusting after them.



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