Catastrophic Drive Failure And The Need To Back Up Your Work

On the evening of Thursday May 9th 2013, I had a catastrophic failure with my 3TB external hard drive that I carry everywhere with me and have all my files on. You can already guess where this is going can’t you. Now, normally I’m quite obsessive about backing up my files. Photos, home movies, TV shows, documents, etc. I make 2 copies of them besides the one I carry around with me.

Well, since the end of the year I’ve been “too busy to back up right now, I’ll do it later”. So I have paid the price. My drive failed and I have lost pretty much everything. I spent 4 days recovering what I could but most of that has turned out to be unusable due to fragmentation. The information is just not all there. I was pretty mad but I can only be mad at myself.

I explain this to friends and family all the time. It’s not a matter of “if” your hard drive fails, it’s a matter of “when”. They all fail eventually and if you don’t back up your important files, you will lose them. But do I take my own advice? No, I’m too smart for that. And now I have paid the price. All I managed to recover was the raw home movie videos and some smaller JPGs. What saves me a bit is that our trip to Arizona was on a different drive and I still have photos from when we returned to now on my camera cards. But I have lost 3 months worth of photos including my daughter’s 6th birthday.

Am I disappointed? You bet. I could beat myself up about this all day long but it won’t bring back these photos and videos. So, have I learned from this? Yes. I have plans for an external raid enclosure with 2 drives at 3TB each. I’ll use this simply for backup and storage.

Now I can just try to keep recovering photos as best I can but it’s not looking good at all.



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