Luck Favors The Prepared

Every time I hear that luck favors the prepared I roll my eyes and think that sounds like something someone who just got lucky would say.

Well I happened to get lucky.

During dinner with my in-laws last Saturday evening, I spotted my neighbor on her deck with her camera pointed at the sky. I’ve never seen her out with her camera before, heck, I didn’t even know she owned a camera. So, being the opportunistic photographer I am, I grabbed my camera and stepped out onto my own deck. The above photo is what I was greeted with.
The sun was almost down and a nasty fall storm was rolling in. Really nasty, hail, lightning and thunder with some pretty nasty winds. Of course I snapped several shots. This was my favorite of the bunch. Such amazing color on the  sky.
So, luck favors the prepared. Always and I mean always keep your camera out and ready to go. You never know what’s going to come your way.

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