Summer Time Means Lake Time!

We spend a lot of time at the lake in the summer. Every weekend and a couple weeks straight. Summer is so short in Canada that we just have to take advantage of it when it’s here.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite photos from our summer so far. I was going to wait until after the September long weekend but I decided to just share some now.


My son sure loves his new Kayak.He’s all alone in his own world just paddling around the lake.

Early Morning Cruise

My Dad, out in his canoe testing the 2HP Engine he bought for it. He was like a kid with a new toy the whole time he was out at the lake with us. 🙂

A Boy and His Grandpa...

Out for a cruise.

Foggy Spider Web.

That's Right....I caught that.

Still too small to keep at this lake though. Only 80cm long. It was pretty thick though.

In A Hurry.

We had to get back from the lake in time for supper at our lot so we really had to fly.

Her First Fish!!

My Daughter. She caught the one on the stick first. She was so excited. I put it in a pail of water and she just watched it and watched it. I told her, you realize that’s not a pet right, we are going to eat it. She said yes.

The one still on the hook was second. It swallowed the hook so had to stay on that handy handle.

I bought her a new fishing rod just for her this week. She is very excited to go back fishing.

First Knee Board.

So, here is where it went bad for me. I hit some waves and started to bounce really bad. The rope snapped out of my hands and there I was. Stranded in the middle of the lake.

I yelled to him not to let go and they kept on going with out me. I’m not sure he even cared about losing me. LOL.

Jared - board Grab

Mad Man Skiing


My Latest Wipe Out....

Yes, That’s me learning to wake board. I’m a slalom skier so this is very different! I fall a lot but, hey, that’s half the fun.

I Think I Got It!

I didn’t edit these much as they are just summer snap shots but I just had to share the fun.



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