To Smile Or Not To Smile…That Is The Question.

It drives me nuts when I hear people say to their subjects “Smile” or even worse “Say Cheese”. Nothing makes for a forced fake looking smile like those two. You can always tell the kids who’s parents tell them to say cheese. They have the worst look on their faces! LOL.

I always tell the subjects not to smile. They look at me funny and I just repeat it with a please. That usually gets a nice natural look on their faces.

Like this one.

Relaxing In The Shade

Then there are the times when that just does not work. They get all contorted trying not to smile.

Same kid, same request, much different look…

Don't Smile....

Ah well, what do you do. I still don’t like telling people to smile. You get this almost every time.


Haha!That’s just my son being a 7 year old! So much like me.



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