Leaning Towards Editorial Photography

I like to call myself a Fine Art Photographer just so I can justify my creative choices when it comes to post processing. That’s all fine and good but I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more of an Editorial or Documentary Photographer. I love to document the world around me. Everything from what’s going on at work to what my kids are doing.

Not to many people really care about what my kids are doing on a daily basis or even care about what’s going on at my work so why do I seem drawn to this type of photography?

Well first of all, I don’t take photos for others. I do it for me so it doesn’t really matter what people think about them. Secondly, I like to see the progression of things. I like to see how the kids change over time without me noticing it. Documenting their growth is fun and brings us closer as well. When they get married it is my plan to make a book for them that show’s their life in photos from the day they were born.

As to the other photos I take documenting life around me, I just find it fun to look back on things years from now and say “I remember when it was like…..

I guess, I just like to document things. Must be the logical geek in me.

Stop For A Drink

My son and I went for a bike ride. We stopped at 7-11 for a much needed drink. I can look back on this image years from now and think “when my son wasn’t a teenager who knew everything, he liked to go bike riding with me.” Haha! Take that grouchy teenager.



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