Back in 2008 I started the New York Institute of Photography’s Complete Course In Professional Photography. Was I looking to become a professional back then? No. I was just looking for a relatively inexpensive course that was complete. Everything from the basics of exposure to some advanced techniques for portraits and other subjects.

I learned so much so fast. Then I got to the unit on portraiture. That took me 8 months of practicing to complete! That unit got me my best review and it was suggested by my instructor that I may want to be a portrait photographer. That put a huge smile on my face. I love taking people portraits.

I completed the course in June of 2011 and have been waiting patiently for my diploma. Finally, yesterday it arrived in the mail. I was expecting an 8×10 but it’s an 11×14! It looks so good. I’m very proud of it and my drive for photography has been rekindled! Now just to get a frame for it and show it off.

I took a photo of my diploma with my iphone just to show it off.




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