I’m Also A Musician And That May Affect My Photography – Part 1.

I’m a photographer and as a photographer I appreciate the arts. Music and dance are my favorites after photography. I don’t dance, I would not put the world through that! I leave that up to my daughter. She’s the dancer in the family.

I’m a musician. I play the guitar, drums, keyboards and some brass instruments. Mostly though it’s the guitar. As a photographer and musician, I’ve been wondering about the affect listening to music while I photograph has on what my photos will turn out like. Will classical music help me to make calm, serene images? Will heavy metal make my images edgy? I’m not sure and I’m not sure where to begin looking for answers so I think I will just experiment myself and find out.

I’m going to listen to different music while I’m out taking photos and the same music while I’m editing. All I need to do is figure out what to listen to! I think first I will start with classical music. Why not start with the classics?

I’ll keep you updated.



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