Do I Like It?

When it really comes down to it, the only one that has to like your photo is you. Sure, others will have some idea of how you could improve it either creatively or technically but that’s all after stuff.

I’ve even had people tell me that one of my favorite photos was just plain no good. I take all that with a very large grain of salt. If I like it, then I like it. It’s not even other photographers that will tell you what’s wrong with your photo. Even those who have no idea of what it takes to create a photograph or what the limitations are of the medium. That one gets me the most. But still… I like it? This is all that matters.

Here are some of my favorites that others don’t exactly see what I see.

118.365 Happy Birthday Dad!

This is my Dad on his 71st birthday. When I look at this photo I see my Dad thinking deeply on the many things in his life that have brought him to the place he is at this point in time. Some good and happy, others not so good and really quite sad. This photo brings out a lot of emotion in me.

Desert Sunset

This photo was taken in Yuma, AZ this pas spring break when my family and I went on vacation to California and then into Yuma for a week. Lots of people have looked at this image but not a one has had anything to say about it either good or bad. To me it brings back all the feelings of time we spent there. The heat, the food, the company. But besides the emotional connection to this image, I also love how the clouds cut across the sky and give some separation to the trees in the foreground. I like it.

My Little Man.


This photo of my son went over well with my photographer friends but not so much with my family. I get complaints that I take too close a photo all too often. I’m not sure what that means but It may have something to do with putting the photo in a frame. My solution to that is to print it with a border or use a larger frame with a mat. But that’s just me. Again, I like it and that’s all that really matters now isn’t it.




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