Taking The Time To Post Process.

I have two young children. If you have read anything on this blog, I’m sure you have seen your fill of them in my photo a day photos. This of course means I’m busy. Never enough time for Dad. LOL. Sure I find time to take the photos but I never seem to spend enough time processing them.

Have a look at this image.

44.365 Out In The Snow.

It’s cute. She was having a blast out in the snow with her brother. I like the photo even though it’s a bit under exposed. Nice and sharp without any major distractions. But, It’s straight out of the camera. I really should have taken more time to process it a bit.

Yesterday, I found some time at lunch to tweak it a bit. Here is the result of that.

Out In The Snow Edited.


I took the time to bring up the brightness a little and bring out her eyes a bit. I like this image much better and really wish I had done this before I shared it on my Flickr stream but well, I was tight on time. 🙂

Anyway, I have just one point here. Do you want people to see your best photo or just the one you showed just to show something? I think I want people to see my best stuff. I’ll try harder to post process my stuff before I share them from now on.

That’s it for my little rambling this time.


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