155.365 Nifty Fifty Reflective.

Friday June 4 2010.

I find myself in a dark reflective mood this week. Not photographically but it seems to be spilling over there too. Good think I have that black shiny fridge panel just waiting to be put to use.

155.365 Nifty Fifty Reflective.



2 thoughts on “155.365 Nifty Fifty Reflective.

  1. What is your opinion on this lens? I have a 100mm that I love but am considering this little ‘nifty fifty’ especially with the Grandbaby coming in August. I understand it is great for low light. Any comments appreciated.


    • I love the lens. I recommend it to everyone I know. The Canon or the Nikon they both make a great version of the f/1.8. Cheap too! It’s great for lower light shots but with the crop factor on my 50D it’s more of an 80mm lens. That’s alright too though as that’s a pretty good length for portraits too. 🙂


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